Protocol Updates Needed (as of 2016_Dec_15)

Protocols needed or flagged for updates

  • Flow protocol updates (Dan and Dacia)
  • P1 transduction; FLP/FRT recombination (Dan)
  • Chemical Competent Cells and Zcomp cells(Colin and Peng?)
  • ProceduresTargetedSequencing - need to update instructions for our kits and sequencing facility. (<- Dan?)
  • ProtocolsQuartzy - Instructions for using Quartzy to mark orders received, request supply orders, and order supplies for the lab (<- Simon?)
  • NewLabMemberChecklist - EHS training course list is out of date, computer setup for coding is incomplete/fewer people use MacPorts recently, also combine all online accounts under one header? (<- Simon?)
  • Update Gibson Assembly protocol - add images for clarity and future-proof language (location)

Recently finished protocols (kept until next Hackathon)

  • Trash.LabProtocolsncAAWorkingSolutions - Table of non-canonical amino acids (ncAAs) the lab has used and concentration/how to make stock solutions <- Included in "working with non-canonical amino acids" section
  • ProtocolsElectrocompetentCells - needs instructions for electroporating using our equipment and for creating larger batches of commonly used cells. <- I updated EC protocol to include a large batch option, and split the transformation to a new page. Could still use pictures on both protocols.
  • ProtocolsDpnIDigestion - need instructions for performing DpnI digestion to remove template plasmid. (finished!)
  • AmountofLabStocks - (recommend revision of topic) Need to make a list for MBB lab and one for the Welch Lab (No longer relevant!)
  • ProtocolsncAAGFPIncorporationAssay - General instructions for a basic GFP Incorporation assay that can measure whether a particular synthetase pair incorporates a ncAA (we wrote a paper about this....)
  • LabMemberContactInformation - Lab members who left years ago still on list, newer lab members don't have most info added (mostly up to date)

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