TA: Tetrazolium Sugar (TA, TM, TL, ...)

Combine in a 2 L flask:

1.5L Component
15 g Tryptone
1.5 g Yeast Extract
7.5 g NaCl
24 g Agar
1.5 ml 5% Antifoam
Add dH2O to 1.3 liter.

Combine in a 500 ml flask:

1.5L Component
15 g Sugar (arabinose = TA, maltose = TM, lactose = TL)
Add dH2O to 0.2 liter.

Autoclave sugar and media separately. Total combined volume is 1.5 liters.

Combine and add:

1.5L Component
1.5 ml 5% (w/v) Triphenyl Tetrazolium chloride (TTC), filter sterilized, stored at 4C

Source: Lenski Lab Protocol

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