MG: Minimal Glucose agar, aka DM: Davis Mingioli agar

Note: When making these plates it is necessary to prepare and autoclave the 3 main parts (salts, agar, and sugar) separately. Compounds that inhibit growth are produced when agar and phosphate or phosphate and glucose are autoclaved together.

1L 1.5L Component MW
5.3 g 8 g Potassium Phosphate (dibasic) K2HPO4 MW 174.18
2 g 3 g Potassium Phosphate (monobasic) KH2PO4 MW 136.07
1 g 1.5 g Ammonium Sulfate (NH4)2 SO4 MW 132.08
0.5 g 0.75 g Sodium Citrate (trisodium, dihydrate) Na3C6H5O7 (H2O)2 MW 294.10
333 ml 500 ml dH2O  

Next, prepare the agar:

1L 1.5L Component
16 g 24 g Agar
1 ml 1.5 ml Antifoam (5%)
333 ml 500 ml dH2O

Next, prepare the sugar. The final concentration is 0.4% w/v:

1L 1.5L Component
4 g 6 g Glucose (or other sugar)
333 ml 500 ml dH2O

After the 3 parts have been autoclaved, combine the contents of the three flasks together while they are still warm add the following stock solutions:

1L 1.5L Component
1.0 ml 1.5 ml 10% Magnesium Sulfate MgSO4 (separately autoclaved stock)
1.0 ml 1.5 ml 0.2% Thiamin (vitamin B1) (filter sterilized stock)

Source: Lenski Lab Protocol

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