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  Suárez, G.A., Dugan, K.R., Renda, B.A., Leonard, S.P., Gangavarapu, L.S., ^Barrick, J.E. Rapid and assured genetic engineering methods applied to Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 genome streamlining. Preprint
  Zhang, X., Deatherage, D.E., Zheng, H., Georgoulis, S.J., ^Barrick, J.E. Evolution of satellite plasmids can stabilize the maintenance of newly acquired accessory genes in bacteria. Preprint
78. Gutierrez, A.E., Shah, P., Rex, A.E., Nguyen, T.C., Kenkare, S.P., ^Barrick, J.E., ^Mishler, D.M. (2019) Bioassay for determining the concentrations of caffeine and individual methylxanthines in complex samples. Appl. Env. Microbiol. Epub September 20, 2019.
77. Geng, P., Leonard, S.P., Mishler, D.M., ^Barrick, J.E. (2019) Synthetic genome defenses against selfish DNA elements stabilize engineered bacteria against evolutionary failure. ACS Synth. Biol. 8:521-531. Full Text, Preprint, PMID: 30703321
76. Deatherage, D.E., Leon, D., Rodriguez, Á.E., Omar, S., ^Barrick, J.E. (2018) Directed evolution of Escherichia coli with lower-than-natural plasmid mutation rates. Nucleic Acids Res. 46:9236-9250. Full Text, PMID: 30137492
75. *McGuffey, J.C., *Leon, D., Dhanji, E.Z., Mishler, D.M., ^Barrick, J.E. (2018) Bacterial production of gellan gum as a do-it-yourself alternative to agar. J. Microbiol. Biol. Educ. 19:182-184. Full Text, PMID: 29983852
74. Leonard, S.P., Perutka, J., Powell, J.E., Geng, P., Richhart, D., Byrom, M., Kar, S., Davies, B.W., Ellington, A.D., ^Moran, N.A., ^Barrick, J.E. (2018) Genetic engineering of bee gut microbiome bacteria with a toolkit for modular assembly of broad-host-range plasmids. ACS Synth. Biol. 7:1279-1290. PMID: 29608282
73. Leon, D., D’Alton, S., Quandt, E.M., ^Barrick, J.E. (2018) Innovation in an E. coli evolution experiment is contingent on maintaining adaptive potential until competition subsides. PLoS Genet. 14:e1007348. PMID: 29649242
72. Good, B.H.*, McDonald, M.J.*, Barrick, J.E., Lenski R.E., Desai, M.M. (2017) The dynamics of molecular evolution over 60,000 generations. Nature 551:45-50. PMID: 29045390
71. Bull, J.J.*, Barrick, J.E.^* (2017) Arresting evolution. Trends Genet. 33:910-920. PMID: 29029851
70. ^Barrick, J.E. (2017) In future (cell) generations. “Voices” piece in What is the role of circuit design in the advancement of synthetic biology? Part 2. Cell Syst. 24:467-477. PMID: 28544877
69. Suarez, G.A., Renda, B.A., Dasgupta, A., Barrick, J.E.^ (2017) Reduced mutation rate and increased transformability of transposon-free Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1-ISx. Appl. Env. Microbiol. 83: e01025-17. PMID: 28667117
68. Brown, C.W., Sridhara, V., Boutz, D.R., Person, M.D., Marcotte, E.M. Barrick, J.E., Wilke, C.O.^ (2017) Large-scale analysis of post-translational modifications in E. coli under glucose-limiting conditions. BMC Genomics 18:301. PMID: 28412930
67. Caglar, M.U., Houser, J.R., Barnhart, C.S., Boutz, D.R., Carroll, S.M., Dasgupta, A., Lenoir, W.F., Smith, B.L., Sridhara, V., Sydykova, D.K., Vander Wood, D., Marx, C.J., Marcotte, E.M.^, Barrick, J.E.^, Wilke, C.O.^ (2017) The E. coli molecular phenotype under different growth conditions. Sci. Rep. 7:45303. PMID: 28417974
66. Deatherage, D.E., Kepner, J.L., Bennett, A.F., Lenski, R.E.^, Barrick, J.E.^ (2017) Specificity of genome evolution in experimental populations of Escherichia coli evolved at different temperatures. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 114:E1904-E1912. PMID: 28202733
  • News: Genetic signatures reveal environment where bacteria evolved
  • 65. Monk, J.W., Leonard, S.P., Brown, C.W., Hammerling, M.J., Mortensen, C., Gutierrez, A.E., Shin, N.Y., Watkins, E., Mishler, D.M.^, Barrick, J.E.^ (2017) Rapid and inexpensive evaluation of nonstandard amino acid incorporation in Escherichia coli. ACS Synth. Biol. 6:45-54. PMID: 27648665
    64. Renda, B.A., Chan, C., Parent, K.N., Barrick, J.E.^ (2016) Emergence of a competence reducing filamentous phage from the genome of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1. J. Bacteriol. 198:3209-3219. PMID: 27645387
    63. Tenaillon, O.*, Barrick, J.E.*, Ribeck, N., Deatherage, D.E., Blanchard, J.L, Dasgupta, A., Wu, G.C., Wielgoss, S., Cruveiller, S., Medigue, C., Schneider, D., Lenski, R.E.^ (2016) Tempo and mode of genome evolution in a 50,000-generation experiment. Nature 536:165-170. PMID: 27479321
  • News: Bacteria show capacity for rapid, beneficial mutations
  • News: Still changing after all these years
    62. Hammerling, M.J., Gollihar, J., Mortensen, C., Alnahhas, R.N., Ellington, A.D., Barrick, J.E. (2016) Expanded genetic codes create new mutational routes to rifampicin resistance in Escherichia coli. Mol. Biol. Evol. 33:2054-2063. PMID: 27189550
    61. Quandt, E.M., Gollihar, J., Blount, Z.D., Ellington, A.D., Georgiou, G., Barrick, J.E. (2015) Fine-tuning citrate synthase flux potentiates and refines metabolic innovation in the Lenski evolution experiment. eLife 4:e09696. PMID: 26465114
  • Commentary: Metabolism: Evolution retraces its steps to advance
  • 60. Houser, J.R., Barnhart, C., Boutz, D.R., Carroll, S.M., Dasgupta, A., Michener, J.K., Needham, B.D., Papoulas, O., Sridhara, V., Sydykova, D.K., Marx, C.J., Trent, S.M., Barrick, J.E.^, Marcotte, E.M.^, Wilke, C.O.^ (2015) Controlled measurement and comparative analysis of cellular components in E. coli reveals broad regulatory changes in response to glucose starvation. PLoS Comput. Biol. 11:e1004400. PMID:26275208
    59. Maddamsetti, R., Hatcher, P.J., Cruveiller, S., Médigue, C., Barrick, J.E., Lenski, R.E. (2015) Synonymous genetic variation in natural isolates of Escherichia coli does not predict where synonymous substitutions occur in a long-term experiment. Mol. Biol. Evol. 32:2897-2904. PMID:26199375
    58. Jack, B.R., Leonard, S.P., Mishler, D.M., Renda, B.A., Leon, D., Suárez, G.A., Barrick, J.E. (2015) Predicting the genetic stability of engineered DNA sequences with the EFM Calculator. ACS Synth. Biol. 4:939-943. PMID:26096262
    57. Perry, E.B.^, Barrick, J.E., Bohannan, B.J.M. (2015) The molecular and genetic basis of repeatable coevolution between Escherichia coli and bacteriophage T3 in a laboratory microcosm. PLoS ONE 10:e0130639. PMID:26114300.
    56. Quandt, E.M., Summers, R.M., Subramanian, M.V., Barrick, J.E.^ (2015) Draft genome sequence of the bacterium Pseudomonas putida CBB5, which can utilize caffeine as a sole carbon and nitrogen source. Genome Announc. 3:e00640-15. PMID:26067973
    55. Maddamsetti, R., Lenski, R.E., Barrick, J.E. (2015) Adaptation, clonal interference, and frequency-dependent interactions in a long-term evolution experiment with Escherichia coli. Genetics 200:619-631. PMID:25911659
  • Award: GSA 1st Centennial Award for Population and Evolutionary Genetics
  • 54. Graves, J.L.^, Tajkarimi, M., Cunningham, Q., Campbell, A., Nonga, H., Harrison, S.H., Barrick, J.E. (2015) Rapid evolution of silver nanoparticle resistance in Escherichia coli. Front. Genet. 6:42. PMID:25741363
    53. Renda, B.A., Dasgupta, A., Leon, D., Barrick, J.E. (2015) Genome instability mediates the loss of key traits by Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 during laboratory evolution. J. Bacteriol. 197:872-881. PMID:25512307
    52. Deatherage, D.E., Traverse, C.C., Wolf, L.N., Barrick, J.E. (2015) Detecting rare structural variation in evolving microbial populations from new sequence junctions using breseq. Front. Genet. 5:468. PMID:25653667
    51. Sridhara, V., Meyer, A.G., Rai, P., Barrick, J.E., Ravikumar, P., Ségre, D., Wilke, C.O. (2014) Predicting growth conditions from internal metabolic fluxes in an in-silico model of E. coli. PLoS ONE 9:e114608. PMID:25502413
    50. Alnahhas, R.N.*, Slater, B.*, Huang, Y., Mortensen, C., Monk, J.W., Okasheh, Y., Howard, M.D., Gottel, N.R., Hammerling, M.J.^, Barrick, J.E.^ (2014) The case for decoupling assembly and submission standards to maintain a more flexible registry of biological parts. J. Biol. Eng. 8:28. PMID:25525459
    49. Barrick, J.E., Colburn, G., Deatherage D.E., Traverse, C.C., Strand, M.D., Borges, J.J., Knoester, D.B., Reba, A., Meyer, A.G. (2014) Identifying structural variation in haploid microbial genomes from short-read resequencing data using breseq. BMC Genomics 15:1039. PMID:25432719
    48. Raeside, C., Gaffé, J., Deatherage, D.E., Tenaillon, O., Briska, A.M., Ptashkin, R.N., Cruveiller, S., Médigue, C., Lenski, R.E., Barrick, J.E., Schneider, D. (2014) Large chromosomal rearrangements during a long-term evolution experiment with Escherichia coli. mBio 5:e01377-14. PubMed:25205090
    47. Deatherage, D.E., Barrick, J.E. (2014) Identification of mutations in laboratory-evolved microbes from next-generation sequencing data using breseq. Methods Mol. Biol. 1151:165-188. PubMed:24838886
    46. Renda, B.A.*, Hammerling, M.J.*, Barrick, J.E. (2014) Engineering reduced evolutionary potential for synthetic biology. Mol. Biosyst. 10:1668-1678. PubMed:24556867
    45. Hammerling, M.J., Ellefson, J.W., Boutz, D.R., Marcotte, E.M., Ellington, A.D., Barrick, J.E. (2014) Bacteriophages use an expanded genetic code on evolutionary paths to higher fitness. Nat. Chem. Biol. 10:178-180. PubMed:24487692
    44. Quandt, E.M., Deatherage, D.E., Ellington, A.D., Georgiou, G., Barrick, J.E. (2014) Recursive genomewide recombination and sequencing reveals a key refinement step in the evolution of a metabolic innovation in Escherichia coli. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111:2217-2222. PubMed:24379390
  • Commentary: Refining a key metabolic innovation in Escherichia coli
  • 2013
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  • Supplementary data and scripts
  • 29. Woods, R.J.*, Barrick, J.E.*^, Cooper, T.F., Shrestha, U., Kauth, M.R., Lenski, R.E.^ (2011) Second-order selection for evolvability in a large Escherichia coli population. Science 331:1433-1436. «PubMed» «Press Links» «Science Podcast» «Faculty of 1000» «Erratum»
    28. Jerome, J.P., Bell, J.A., Plovanich-Jones, A.E., Barrick, J.E., Brown, C.T., Mansfield, L.S. (2011) Standing genetic variation in contingency loci drives the rapid adaptation of Campylobacter jejuni to a novel host. PLoS ONE 6:e16399. «PubMed» «Blog Article»
    2010 and earlier
    27. Barrick, J.E., Kauth, M.R., Strelioff, C.C., and Lenski, R.E. (2010) Escherichia coli rpoB mutants have increased evolvability in proportion to their fitness defects. Mol. Biol. Evol. 27:1338-1347. «PubMed»
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  • News: Time In A Bottle: Scientists Watch Evolution Unfold
  • 25. Barrick, J.E. and Lenski, R.E. (2009) Genome-wide mutational diversity in an evolving population of Escherichia coli. Cold Spring Harbor Symp. Quant. Biol. 74:119-129. «PubMed»
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  • Perl scripts accompanying book chapter
  • 23. Regulski, E.E., Moy, R.H., Weinberg, Z., Barrick, J.E., Yao, Z., Ruzzo, W.L., and Breaker, R.R. (2008) A widespread riboswitch candidate that controls bacterial genes involved in molybdenum cofactor and tungsten cofactor metabolism. Mol. Microbiol. 68:918-932. «PubMed»
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    Ph.D Thesis

    Barrick JE. (2006) Advisor: Ronald R. Breaker. Discovering and defining metabolite-binding riboswitches and other structured regulatory RNA motifs in bacteria. «PDF»
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