Problem to be addressed:

You have a set of compressed files that all need to be extracted, and you don't want to manually extract each one.


  1. create a new file somewhere in your path called "detar" using your favorite text editor. (can be named anything you want)
  2. add the following line to the new file:
    • for f in *.tar.gz;do tar xvzf $f;done
  3. if you are confident that you never want to keep the compressed versions of the files, and you never use the extensions in the naming of the extracted files, you can optionally add the next line:
    • rm *.tar.gz
  4. save and close your file.
  5. type "detar" on the command line in any directory containing .tar.gz files.


-- Main.DanielDeatherage - 09 Sep 2014

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