Copying files to/from UT Box at the command line

Follow the directions here to set up an additional Box password that you will use for connecting:

You will need LFTP installed on your system. It is already installed on TACC

Open the file ~/.lftp/rc in a text editor. (You may need to first create the ~/.lftp folder if it does not exist. Strictly speaking, this step is optional. You could run these commands every time you enter the LFTP shell to temporarily set the options.)

Add these lines to the ~/.lftp/rc file.

set ftps:initial-prot ""
set ftp:ssl-force true
set ftp:ssl-protect-data true

Now you can use these commands to connect to Box (The second one is run inside the LFTP shell and will prompt you for the password you created.)

lftp ftps://
lftp> user

LFTP commands are a dialect of FTP commands. If you are not familiar with these, here is a reference.

One useful thing is that you can run a command on your local machine by adding an exclamation point before the command. For example !ls lets you list the contents of your local directory.

To recursively copy directories, you will need this command:

mirror -R {local dir} {remote dir}
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