Modular Cloning using CIDAR MoClo kit

The lab recently acquired a CIDAR MoClo (C ross-disciplinary I ntegration of D esign A utomation R esearch lab Mo dular Clo ning) Kit from Addgene. The website describing its use can be found here: Addgene page describing CIDAR MoClo.

The original paper can be found here: Paper describing updated CIGAR MoClo

In short, MoClo is a golden-gate based assembly strategy that allows for combinatorial assembly of plasmids based on individual parts. So if you have a particular gene you want to express (say gfp), and want to try a variety of promoters and ribosome binding sites, this is a great option for easily making these variants (90 minute assembly).

However- all of your parts must be on "entry vectors." This process can be a little time consuming and requires sequence verification. So if you're only going to build a single construct, and aren't interested in trying a lot of variants, Gibson may make more sense.

-- Main.SeanLeonard - 03 Feb 2016

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