Barrick Lab :: Laboratory Protocols

Creating Protocols

Lab Stocks and Practices

PCR and Sequencing

Genetic Modification and Cloning

Mutation Rates, Growth Rates and Evolutionary Stability

Genome Resequencing and Mutation Validation

Experimental Evolution

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

RNA Preparation, RNA-Seq, qPCR

  • RNA Preparation
    Preparation of high quality RNA using RNA Snap method combined with Zymo column purification.
  • RNAseq
    Preparation of rRNA-free libraries from bacterial culture for submission to GSAF core.
  • qPCR
    Quantitative real time PCR for differential gene expression.

Nucleic Acid In Vitro Selection

Non-canonical Amino Acids

Protein Expression and Purification

Working with Unusual Microbes

Accessing the Literature and Managing Citations and presentation information

Useful Resources

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