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Prof. Jeffrey E. Barrick

Principal Investigator (01/2011–present)

Dr. Simon D'Alton

Research Associate (09/2015-present)

Dr. Daniel Deatherage

Research Associate (09/2011–present)

Dr. Dennis Mishler

Research Educator for the Freshman Research Initiative (04/2013–present)
Dr. Mishler leads the "Microbe Hackers" undergraduate research lab and co-advises the UT Austin iGEM team with Professor Barrick and the LASA High School iGEM team with Professor Ellington.

Dr. Peng Geng

Postdoctoral Fellow (11/2015–present)

Gabriel Suarez

CMB/Biochem Graduate Student (12/2012–present)

Sean Leonard

CMB Graduate Student jointly advised with Nancy Moran (05/2015–present)
Host-microbe interactions in gut microbiota; Genetic engineering of the bee gut microbiota

Kate Elston

Microbiology Graduate Student (05/2017-present )

Julie Perreau

Microbiology Graduate Student jointly advised with Nancy Moran (05/2017-present)

Matthew McGuffie

Microbiology Graduate Student (05/2018-present)

Jenna McGuffey

Undergraduate Researcher (05/2016-present)

Stratton Georgoulis

Undergraduate Researcher (01/2017-present)

Frances (Grace) Stark

Undergraduate Researcher (05/2017-present)

Elizabeth Robinson

Undergraduate Researcher (01/2018-present)

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