LB: Lysogeny Broth / Luria-Bertani (Miller) Agar

Combine in a 2 L flask the following:

1.5L Component
15 g Tryptone
7.5 g Yeast Extract
15 g NaCl
24 g Agar
1.5 ml 5% Antifoam

Add dH2O to 1.5 L. Autoclave.

Notes and variations:

  • Common synonyms are Luria-Broth and Luria-Bertani medium.
  • This is the "Miller" formulation of LB with 10 g NaCl per liter (1% w/v). Another common formulation has only 5 g NaCl per liter (0.5% w/v)! They are NOT interchangeable.
  • If you are performing sacB counter-selection, you may need to use even lower salt concentrations.
  • To make "soft" agar for phage studies, use only 7 g agar per liter.

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