Ordering Primers

  1. Go to ICMB's IDT webpage External site ICMB's IDT page
  2. Click Set up new Account tab on bottom left.
  3. Fill out all of your information, including your PI's name and room number. Save.
  4. Under Custom Synthesis click on Custom DNA Oligos
  5. If you're just ordering one primer you can click on Single Entry. If you're ordering more, type in the number under Multiple Entry and click Go.
  6. Type in the sequence name. Make it something short but something you will understand. (You don't have to mess with the scale or purification preferences).
  7. Type in the sequence right below. Double check to be sure it's correct!
  8. Click Add to order
  9. Click Checkout
  10. "UT-Austin ICMB Supply Center" should pop up as the Shipping and Billing recipient. Click Continue and finish checking out.

Your primers should arrive in a couple business days and the ICMB front desk will call the lab and tell you they're here. Go to the ICMB front office and pick them up.

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