Commonly Used Plasmids

plasmid markers origin host ref description
pCA24N CamR     Kitagawa2005 ASKA collection vector
pKD46 AmpR TS ? Datsenko&Wanner2000 Wanner lambda red plasmid, temperature sensitive origin grow at 30C! Low copy number.
pKD78 CamR TS     Identical plasmid to pKD46, but with CAM resistance instead of AMP.
pKD3 CamR   BW25141 Datsenko&Wanner2000 Wanner template plasmid
pKD13 KanR   BW25141 Datsenko&Wanner2000 Wanner template plasmid
pCR2.1 KanR, AmpR       TOPO cloning kit vector
pACYC184 TetR, CamR   ER2420 Chang&Cohen1978  
pKO3, pKOV SucS, CamR     Link1997 Church vectors for creating deletions; note: Grow at 30 Celsius
pACBSR CamR p15A   Herring2003 Low copy number. Use a midi or maxiprep.
pRA300, pRA301, pRA302 SpecR     Akakura2002 Broad host range, promoterless lacZ map
pCP20 AmpR TS BT340 FLP recombinase protocol Baba 2006 Temperature sensitive origin, FLP recombinase. Commonly used for removal of KAN cassette from Keio collection.
pMMB67EH AmpR RSF1010   ATCC 37622 Broad host range conjugative plasmid

Plasmids listed on this page reside in the common plasmid box in the 80C freezers in both Welch and MBB labs.

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