Characteristics of the E. coli Genome

  • The Origin of DNA Replication (oriC) is not at position zero (0)!
    • In E. coli B REL606: approximately 3,885,9943,886,373
    • In E. coli K12 MG1655: 3,923,7673,923,998 EcoCyc
  • Termination of DNA replication occurs between Ter sites EcoCyc
    • The innermost Ter sites are near the manA and trp genes
      See Fig. 1 of Neylon2005
    • In E. coli B REL606: approximately between 1,320,6761,665,771
  • Resolution of the chromosome copies after replication occurs at the Dif site
    • In E. coli B REL606: approximately 1,567,1031,567,421
    • In E. coli K12 MG1655:1,588,774-1,588,801

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