Genomic DNA Preparation for Whole-Genome Re-sequencing of E. coli

Current RTSF Instrument Information

454 Pyrosequencing (GSFlex machine)

  • Read length is 100-200 bases.
  • Paired end sample prep kit available.
  • Two kits with 6-8 primer tags available. Possibility of bar coding up to 16 different samples per area of plate.

Illumina Genome Analyzer 2G

  • 1-5 g of gDNA needed per sample.
  • Read length is 36 bases or 72 bases if two sequencing kits are used.
  • Paired end reads available. Two different protocols for insert sized of 100-200 bp or 3-5 kbp.
  • Eight wells on slides. One reserved for control or previously sequenced sample.
  • Submit 50 l of 100 ng/l sample in 1 x TE to RTSF.

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