Past Barrick Lab Members

Julie Perreau

Shireen Shah

Eleanor Young

Peng Geng

Ginny Mortensen

Spencer Hamrick

Sean Leonard

Gabriel Suarez

Grace Stark

Stratton Georgoulis

Jenna McGuffey

Dr. Simon D'Alton

Dacia Leon

Colin Brown

Xue Zhang

Michael Hammerling

Brian Renda

Jordan Monk

Craig Barnhart

Aurko Dasgupta

Lindsey Wolf

Alvaro Rodriguez

Neil Gottel

Vinicio Reynoso

Austin Meyer

Dillon Edwards

Aaron Reba

Geoff Colburn

Eric Bryan

Matt Strand

who what when last known whereabouts
Julie Perreau Graduate Student 05/2017-10/2021 Berkeley Lights
Eleanor Young Undergraduate Researcher 12/2018-05/2021 Broad Institute
Shireen Shah Undergraduate Researcher 07/2019-05/2021 Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Dr. Peng Geng Postdoctoral Fellow 11/2015-01/2021 Hengrui Medicine Co. Ltd.
Ginny Mortensen Undergraduate Researcher 01/2020-12/2020 Asuragen
Spencer Hamrick Undergraduate Researcher 08/2018-08/2020 Baylor College of Medicine, PhD program
Dr. Sean Leonard CMB Graduate Student, co-advised by Nancy Moran 05/2015-05/2020 Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Dr. Gabriel Suarez CMB graduate student 12/2012-01/2020 Sartor Lab, UNC at Chapel Hill  
Md Hassan un-Zaman Microbiology Graduate Student (Rotation) 09/2019-11/2019  
Frances (Grace) Stark Undergraduate Researcher 05/201408/2018 University of California, Berkeley, PhD program  
Stratton Georgoulis Undergraduate Researcher 01/201705/2019 University of California, Davis, PhD program  
Jenna McGuffey Undergraduate Researcher 05/201605/2019 Washington University, St. Louis, PhD program  
Dr. Simon D'Alton Lab Manager and Research Associate 09/201501/2019  
Dr. Dacia Leon Microbiology Graduate Student 05/201408/2018 Zymergen
Dr. Colin Brown Postdoctoral Fellow 06/201307/2018 Illumina
Dr. Xue Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow 01/201612/2017  
Kyle Dugan Undergraduate Researcher 01/2016-05/2017  
Stella Wang CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 03/2017-05/2017  
Simon d'Oelsnitz CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 11/2016-03/2017  
David Lipps CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 12/2016-03/2017  
Eda Baykal-Caglar Volunteer Researcher 01/2016-08/2016  
Jacob Blacutt Microbiology Graduate Student (Rotation) 06/201509/2015  
Nick Xerri CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 06/201509/2015  
Dr. Brian Renda CMB Graduate Student (Ph.D.) 05/201107/2016 Ginkgo Bioworks (Boston)
Dr. Michael Hammerling CMB Graduate Student (Ph.D) 05/201107/2016 Jewett Lab (Northwestern)
Lucy Leblanc Microbiology Graduate Student (Rotation) 02/201505/2016 Jonghwan Kim Lab  
Jordan Monk Undergraduate Researcher 05/201305/2016  
Catherine Mortensen Undergraduate Researcher 05/201312/2015  
Xun (Tina) Wang CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 11/201502/2016 Bryan Davies Lab  
Cindy Chan Undergraduate Researcher 10/201312/2015 XBiotech  
Ian Hamilton CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 09/201511/2015 Rotating  
Aziz Al'khafaji CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 9/201411/2014 Brock Lab  
Ben Jack CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 09/201411/2014 Wilke Lab  
Craig Barnhart Lab Manager 01/201109/2014 UT Austin GSAF  
Alex Boulgakov CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 06/2014-09/2014 Marcotte Lab  
Aurko Dasgupta Research Assistant 04/201106/2014 Washington University, Ph.D. program  
Lindsey Wolf Microbiology Graduate Student (M.A.) 01/201105/2014 Synthetic Genomics  
Alvaro Rodriguez Microbiology Graduate Student (M.A.) 02/201205/2014 X Startup Intern  
Ben Slater Undergraduate Researcher 05/201205/2014 Yale University, Ph.D program  
Razan Alnahhas Undergraduate Researcher 05/201205/2014 Rice University, Ph.D program  
Salma Omar Undergraduate Researcher 06/201212/2013  
Ryan Lannan Undergraduate Researcher 05/201305/2014 UCSD, Ph.D program  
Margaret Steele Microbiology Graduate Student (Rotation) 09/201311/2013  
Rasha Yaghi Biochemistry Graduate Student (Rotation) 09/201311/2013 Iverson Lab  
Prof. Pyung Cheon Lee Visiting Scientist 01/201312/2013 Ajou University  
Charles Traverse Microbiology Graduate Student (Rotation) 09/201311/2013 Ochman Lab  
Tyler Fields Undergraduate Researcher 09/201209/2013 UT Austin, Computer Science  
Neil Gottel Microbiology Graduate Student 11/201109/2013  
Vinicio Reynoso CMB Graduate Student 02/201209/2013  
Paul Amador Microbiology Graduate Student (Rotation) 06/201309/2013  
Austin Meyer Biochemistry Graduate Student 05/201108/2012 Wilke Lab / Texas Tech Medical School  
Pruthali Kulkarni Undergraduate Researcher 08/201208/2013  
Farhana Haque Undergraduate Researcher 12/201204/2013  
Jaimie Kepner Undergraduate Researcher 05/201106/2013 UT Austin, Microbiology Graduate Program  
Andrew Porter Undergraduate Researcher, Honors Thesis 01/201305/2013  
Aaron Reba Programmer 10/201110/2012  
Raghuvarun Mutyala Undergraduate Researcher 03/201109/2012  
Jared Carlson-Stevermer Undergraduate Researcher 01/201206/2012 Wilke Lab  
Dillon Edwards Undergraduate Researcher 11/201107/2012 Sigma  
Matt Bourneuf Undergraduate Researcher 07/201108/2011  
Jananie Ramesh Undergraduate Researcher 07/201109/2011  
Alex Hu Undergraduate Researcher 06/201108/2012 UW Seattle, Genome Sciences Ph.D. Program  
Jordan Borges Undergraduate Researcher 05/201108/2011  
Sydney Henry Undergraduate Researcher 05/201109/2011  
Eric Bryan Undergraduate Researcher 05/201105/2012  
Matt Strand Programmer 10/201104/2012  
Geoff Colburn Research Scientist Assistant 05/201109/2012 Austin, TX  
Steven Sowa Microbiology Graduate Student (Rotation) 02/201205/2012 Contreras-Martin Lab  
Thomas Wall CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 11/201102/2012 Ellington Lab  
Adam Hilterbrand Microbiology Graduate Student (Rotation) 09/201111/2011 Upton Lab  
Dakota Derryberry CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 3/20115/2011 Wilke Lab  
Gabriel Wu CMB Graduate Student (Rotation) 03/201105/2011 Marcotte Lab  

Barrick Lab (March 2020)
Quarantine Time

Barrick Lab (March 2020)
Literally right before quarantine.

Barrick Lab (January 2020)
Taco Munch Lunch!

Barrick Lab (September 2017)
Matching T-Shirts!

Barrick Lab (December 2015)
Beard fun

Barrick Lab (November 2014)
Lab potluck.

Barrick Lab (November 2013)
Lab members and significant others at Brian and Varsha's wedding.

Barrick Lab (April 2013)
Back row, left to right: Pyung Cheon Lee, Alvaro Rodriguez, Gabriel Suarez, Jeff Barrick, Neil Gottel, Michael Hammerling, Vinicio Reynoso. Front row: Craig Barnhart, Dan Deatherage, Aurko Dasgupta, Jaimie Kepner, Brian Renda, Lindsey Wolf

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