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How to Create a Protocol

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 Try editing a page where you see what you want to do and copying the syntax!! Monkey see, Monkey do.

Or, you could read the TWiki Reference Manual. (Useful sections: Shorthand | Variables | Icons)

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Figure_GoldenGateTransformation.JPG" attr="" comment="Reaction components: pYTK001-tdk-kan Entry Vector + 5'-flank + 3'-flank" date="1460057598" name="Figure_GoldenGateTransformation.JPG" path="Figure_GoldenGateTransformation.JPG" size="25750" stream="Figure_GoldenGateTransformation.JPG" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp36285" user="GabrielSuarez" version="1"
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