How we handle strain requests and prepare them for mail delivery


Requests for any of Barrick Lab’s strains to be sent to other labs or overseas must be performed with prior consent and approval of Dr. Barrick. Note that a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is usually required before sending out live specimens to other institutions and researchers. Here we describe the basic steps to ensure the safety and integrity of the materials sent.


1. Make a fresh streak from the strain stock on the proper media (include antibiotic if strain has known resistance marker).
2. Alicuot 1mL autoclaved soft agar (LB Agar with only 7g/L agar) into a sterile cryovial; make an extra one to send as blank. Make sure you thoroughly label each with strain, media used and date.
3. Using a loop (flame sterilized), pick a whole colony from the overnight grown fresh streak of the requested strain and stab it into the prepared soft agar cryovial (already cooled).
4. Set the cryovial with the strain to grow overnight; include a blank vial.
5. Next day check for growth of the strain in the cryovial and that the blank is clear of growth.
6. Prepare a letter with the official UT logo and Dr. Barrick’s signature, detailing strains sent and a general agreement statement.
7. Send cryovials by Fed Ex (coordinate with our lab manager - Simon) and avoid sending over weekends or holidays.

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