Shipping by FedEx/UPS/USPS

The Easy Way to Ship is to CC Simon on correspondence with the collaborator.

The Harder Way is as follows.


Fill out 'USPS_Mail_form_2017' attached. Package everything up as you want, and leave package and form in the MBS mail room (NHB 2.616).


You get an appropriate vessel (FedEx envelope, FedEx box, your own box, etc), you fill out the appropriate form (domestic or international), you put the things in the box, the form on the front and you leave it in NHB 2.606. There are special obstacles for dry ice or international shipments.

Boxes and Forms

All FedEx documents and packaging supplies can be found next to the MBS Front Desk in NHB 2.606. There is a more sparingly stocked room in NMS 3.262.

Information and paperwork required for shipping

For a domestic package, fill out a FedEx Express US Airbill like so. This bill is sticky so you don't need a pouch. Keep the top copy.

For international shipments, fill out a FedEx International Air Waybill like so. This bill is not sticky and requires a pouch. Keep the top copy. For international shipments you should also pre-empt any over zealous custom agent issues by including three copies of a Pro Forma Invoice.

Details required to fill out the forms:

You will need the following from a collaborator: Name, address, telephone number, FedEx account number to bill to (if they are paying).
We have one departmental FedEx account number. It is : 1051-6144-1
There are two ways of paying : us (the department covers the cost of FedEx shipping) or our collaborator. Tick the appropriate box on the Fedex form and if applicable, enter the collaborator's number in the space provided.
For international shipments, customs want you to tell them what's in the box. Do this using one of the following codes:

Description of shipment Harmonized Codes (HS) Use with
Culture of microorganism 3002.90 Stabs, freeze downs etc
Single-cell micro-organism, dead 2102.20 Plasmids


To guarantee same-day pickup, drop off needs to be before 1pm at MBS front desk in NHB 2.606. You will fill out a row on the mail sheet - write 'MBS' if we are paying, otherwise, write 'recipient'.

Shipping on Dry Ice

Fedex have regulations regarding shipping with dry ice. You need to pack your goods in an insulated (styrofoam) box, which then fits inside a cardboard box, and everything must be firmly sealed but allowed to breathe. A special label needs to be affixed to the outside of the box. You will need to know how much (weight) of dry ice you added to the box.


Use FedEx whenever possible. The department does not pay for UPS, and no longer even arranges pickups for our packages by UPS.

If we absolutely have to use UPS, it will be because a collaborator or company need us to, so will probably be to schedule a pick up. In order to fulfill this stuff, the lab has an account with UPS privately that is not associated with the department. The UPS website is fairly user friendly. Invoices will go to the lab email address, or you can check them through the website directly.

Login & P/W : can be found in the 'Vendor lists and passwords' Excel document in the Useful Links page pinned to the Slack General channel.

-- Main.SimonDAlton - 07 May 2018

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