Which polymerase is right for me?

Types of polymerase

Our lab stocks two main types of polymerase:
Type Vender Cost per unit Product Information Image
Taq DNA polymerase Syzygy Biotech $0.18 link
Standard Taq
Phusion High Fidelity DNA polymerase NEB $0.86 link
Phusion HF


Phusion High Fidelity

High-fidelity PCR
The error rate of Phusion DNA Polymerase is 4.4 x 10^-7; therefore, Phusion DNA Polymerase is suitable for all PCR applications requiring great accuracy.

Phusion DNA Polymerase amplifies templates with an accuracy and speed previously unattainable with a single enzyme. This makes it a superior choice for cloning. Phusion DNA Polymerase possesses 5' - 3' polymerase activity and 3'-5' exonuclease activity and will generate blunt ended products.

Long amplicons
Extension and overall cycling times can be significantly reduced when using Phusion DNA Polymerase. Due to the high processivity, Phusion DNA Polymerase can amplify long templates in a fraction of the time other polymerases need.

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