Instructions for how to analyze fluctuation test data using the command line. Please see this page for information regarding how to conduct a fluctuation analysis.

Installing rSalvador

Before the Rscript can be used, rSalvador needs to be installed locally. Unfortuantely this can't be done using normal R commands (in other words install.packages("rsalvador") doesn't work) rSalvador should be cloned from github here

  1. git clone
  2. cd rSalvador
  3. R CMD cherck rsalvador
  4. R CMD INSTALL rsalvador

Installing Barricklab general github

If you havn't already installed the general Barricklab project from github do so. It is assumed you install it in ~/src but can be installed anywhere and adjusted accordingly. Github project is located [[


  1. git clone

Executing the fluxxer.R script

Things you need

A .csv file

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